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frdeen +33 (0)6 51 53 16 57
6 Allée des Platanes, 13620, Carry le Rouet (FR)

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International growth agenda

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Market and business analysis

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Communication strategy

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Language service

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Your international growth agenda

Is your company thinking about international expansion, or do you want to learn more about the potential of your target market?

International development is the adaptation of a company’s reality to other standards and types of communication.

Focus on your vision

At the start of each collaboration, we will take a snapshot of the target market. It serves to assess the company’s position in the international market, gauge potentials as well as needs, but also to determine potential strengths and risks.

Some of the analysed aspects:

■ Existing labour force
■ Legal and political framework
■ Technical prerequisites
■ Analysis of target audience
■ Consumption habits/Consumer behaviour of the target audience
■ Trends


Before any action is taken, before committing large investments that might turn out to be useless, we suggest you assess the main characteristics that will enable you to establish the main lines.

Taking into account the company’s available resources, this pre-audit highlights the players and investments required to carry out the project.

Potential booster

As well as the external environment audit, we help you identify the internal resources needed to grow your business.

Whatever the state of development of a new business or a marketing project, we work with professionals who are specialists in the field concerned and propose resources or solutions to help your project move forward.

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Some of the services we provide:

■ Search for experts
■ Establishing contact with professionals 
■ Search for suppliers 

Sales force

We support you in the development of your export distribution channels and in the qualification of your sales force to the specificities of the target territory to enable you to reach your growth and profitability objectives.

Some of our services concerning the distribution networks of the target territory:

■ Identification and qualification of partners in the target territory
■ Sales management and performance monitoring of sales partners

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A communication strategy for the target territory

There are different communication and public relations standards in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, or Switzerland, even if some of them share the same languages. We cultivate the appropriate relationships.


As an external press office, we represent our clients and are available for all kinds of press inquiries: with industry-specific expertise and reliability!

Some of our services:

■ Performance of communication audits
■ Relations to media contacts and organisation of press conferences
■ Structuring of media plans
■ In-person support during exhibitions and fairs
■ Editing of press releases
■ Drafting of website texts
■ Writing of newsletters
■ Creation of texts for brochures
■ Production of content for social media and blogs
■ Articles in journals
■ International SEO : Google Optimization and keywords

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Language Service

International business development goes with the adaptation of many documents into a foreign language.

Whether it is a translationtranscription, or the adaption of a voice-over, we have the solution.

Expert translations

Our team of native-speaking translators offer your company expert translations in various language pairs.

You may know the feeling: You have read a text and noticed that its style sounds incorrect to you.

We are vetting the credentials of all our translators. We evaluate their style and knowledge in a specific field. All our translators are experts in their field, for example, legal, energy, oenology, tourism, architecture, et cetera. This way, we work together with former architects, engineers, or solicitors.

Translation VS. transcreation

When communicating a brand message or ad in another language or target market, the approach is more specific. In these cases, a transcreation is required.


For example: It is essential to adapt the translation linguistically as well as culturally, and rewrite the content if needed, to ensure that it appeals to the target audience of your Whitepaper.


an effective way to convey company values

The voice-over of a company video is much more convincing if the creation is done by a professional. Voice-overs convey emotions and embody the core values a company likes to communicate.


The text must be ‘translated’ and prepared by experts who are familiar with all the characteristics of the audio recording if the message is to be understood internationally.

Please feel free to contact us in case of further questions, references, or a noncommittal conversation ✉️